Supporters of the Orchestra $100-$299

Patrons & Sponsors


   Patrons listed in Alphabetical Order

Elaine Anthony
Gordon A. Badger

Sue Dauterman
Vada Mae Eder & Vern Peterson

Andy and MaryJayne Fafard

Vicki Garcia

Cathleen & Michael Good

Jean and Tom Hancher

Leurene Hildenbrand

Jim Inman
Jeanette and Martin Himmelfarb

Phyllis Laske
Janet and Ronald Magray

Dr. and Mrs. Roland Martens
Roger McCormick

John Ormsby

James and Julie Paradies

Michelle Privett

Dawn Reid

Jean Thompson

Julia Stepelton

Betty & Mel Swartout

Diane Wall

Dolores Wolsey

R. Dean Wooley

Anonymous, in Memory of
  Caroline Morton Hicks

Concert Sponsors

Jan. 6, 2019 concert:  Pete & Shorty's

Feb. 3, 2019 concert: Iurillo Law Group and 

                           Law Offices of Thomas G. Tripp

Mar. 3, 2019 concert: JC Resorts

Apr. 7, 2019 concert: Docs Outside the Box

Oct. 6, 2019 concert: A&B Insurance and Financial

Dec. 1, 2019 concert: Pete & Shorty's

Jan. 5, 2020 concert: Luis E. Martinez, D.M.D., P.A.

Feb. 2, 2020 concert: Eleváe Realty

Mar. 1, 2020 concert: Memorial Park Funeral


Corporate Sponsors

A&B Insurance and Financial

ABJ Financial Services

Alexander Pharmacy

Elevae Realty

Iurillo Law Group

Law Offices of Thomas G. Tripp

Luis Martinez, D.M.D., P.A.

Memorial Park Funeral Home

Pete & Short's

Ronald Sachs Violins

Benefactors of the Orchestra $300+

Michael P. Adams
Richard and Patricia Casper
Alberta Defalco

Barbara and David Eichenberger

Richard Eliason

Carol and Art Hansuld

Jeanette and Martin Himmelfarb

Ted Kemerer

Jan Magray

Paul and Marilyn Wallace

Friends of the Orchestra up to $99

Andrea Alonzo
Heidi Anthony
Matthew Berman

Rebecca Berman

Richard & Mary Lynn Bodalski
Donald and Livina Brugman
Joseph Chappelle and Eileen Kawola
Holly Coleman

John Feulner
Arthur and Aldea Finnegan
Kathleen Gallagher
Dana Gass
Lynette Gill

Donald and Shirley Hand

Karen Harding

Emily Hagan

Jeanne Hardin-Gres

Anthony Green
Jerome and Susan Holderness

Charles Ingram
Bill Junkin

George & Sharol Jones
Mara Kilburn
Kendall Kline
Edward Kraemer
Margaret Lewis
Brian Mann
Hanna Martinez

Richard Michelhaugh

Hurst & MaryBelle Mitten

Rosamarie & Karen Morgan
Charlotte  Morton

Levi Niendorf

Joe & Mary Pace

Wendy Parker
Mark Patsos
Michelle Privett
Joyce Reedy
Dawn Reid
Micki Robinson
Ann & Howard Rockette

Sherry Santana Infinity & Beyond

Gerald and Carol Scanlan

Peter and Kathleen Soehnlen

James Whitehead

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